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November 24, 2013
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.:IF- The Don:. by Mattyzilla .:IF- The Don:. by Mattyzilla
Much thank for all your kind words about my baby :iconblushu2plz: //wheezes
I'm sure he's loving every minute of your attention!
In other news: PLEASE DON'T USE ELIAS IN YOUR CHARACTER'S HISTORY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! It is allowed though! Just ask me~ Many thanks~

OH GOSH GUYS--- I swear the response to Il-Futuro is simply amazing! You have no idea how proud Koto and I are right now! Thank you very much for your support and I am so glad you guys love/like the concept of the group!

BUT YES, without further delay, I present to you the Don your god damned boss

His bio might be a bit of a long read but please do read if you can and want to

also--- side comment, his face isn't supposed to be that round okay??? LIKE--- I made a huge mistake and I realised it late and got too lazy to change it //slapped// But I'm rather proud of this one. I spent about 3 nights with this... the 1st night purely for research and construction whilst the next 2 were for line-art and colouring respectively. I will post a reference sheet later on siNCE WOW GUYS I S2G MY ART STYLE IS CHANGING AND I'M HELLA CONCERNED OKAY---

BUT YEAH okay--- enough babbling.

My character for my group :iconil-futuro:



★ [I D E N T I F I C A T I O N * C A R D]

★ [I D E N T I F I C A T I O N * N U M B E R]

★ [N A M E]
Armand Marius A. Murano

★ [N I C K N A M E] (He always introduces himself with this name)

★ [A G E]

★ [D A T E * O F * B I R T H]
December 29, xxxx

★ [S E X]
[YES. AND A LOT OF IT loljk---] Male

★ [S E X U A L I T Y]
Pansexual [Whatever happens, happens.]

★ [H A I R * C O L O U R]
Jet Black

★ [E Y E * C O L O U R]
Icey Blue

★ [H E I G H T]
187.96 cm || 6ft 2in

★ [W E I G H T]
165 lbs. || 75kg

★ [N A T I O N A L I T Y]

★ [A R C A N A]

★ [C A R D]
The Fool

★ [A B I L I T Y]
Elias has the ability to copy or mimic someone else’s ability. With a simple touch he manages to copy the ability of another person. To bring back this ability in case he needs it, all he needs to do is bring forth the strongest memory he has of the original owner of the ability.

★ [A B I L I T Y * L I M I T A T I O N S]
Himself. Elias is too much of a lazy ass to get up off of his butt and work. He’d rather use a weapon than to tire himself out and use his ability when clearly he could use that energy for more important things like flirting and sex. Another limitation is that once he forgets, the ability ceases to exist in his “database” and he has to have contact with that person again to regain it. He can also only use his ability for 13 minutes at most, if it exceeds he drains his life energy

★ [W E A P O N * O F * C H O I C E]
Custom M1911 pistol [will draw and add to the app soon!]

★ [R E A S O N * F O R * J O I N I N G]
To prove everyone who had ever doubted him wrong, and to take his rightful place as the new Cappo di tutti capi/Don of Il Futuro

★ [O C C U P A T I O N]
Socialite and University student taking up Business

★ [L I K E S]
Beautiful Women and Men || Sex || Parties || His cars || Cannoncini alla Crema Pasticcera || Sfogliatelle || Tiramisu || Pasta || Coffee || Tarot cards & the Occult || Venetian Glass || stylish clothing || The Piano, The Saxophone, and the Violin || performing || Kids || His mother

★ [D I S L I K E S]
Losing || Inactivity || things being unorganised || spinach || overly sweet things || papayas || bitter gourd || Soap operas || rap music || most maths || extreme weather and temperatures || high tide || being looked down upon || his father

★ [P E R S O N A L I T Y]

Elias is, quite needless to say, a social butterfly. He enjoys meeting new people and conversing with others, very much liking parties. He enjoys talking to people of all sorts but despite this, he is very picky about who he prefers to keep relatively close to him, picky about who his friends are. He’s the type of guy who would value a person more if they proved to be useful to him somehow, someway. Connected to this is Elias’ lack of trust and his commitment issues. He’s not easy to win over in any aspect [whether it be romantically, business wise, etc.] and he’s most likely to give anyone who tries a difficult time. Aside from this, Elias doesn't enjoy opening up to people and is rather secretive; except for, of course, if he has learned to genuinely love and care for a person. He prefers to hide who he really is when not with the people who truly matter to him. He changes his persona completely making it very complicated to find out what he’s really like.

He’s also a playboy and a flirt, finding that sex is the perfect distraction he needs as more often than not, his mind is filled with countless thoughts and it can get a little dragging, really. He tends to bring women home or go to their home almost every night, there not really being a week wherein he doesn't get it on [despite his young age---] He chooses those who are aesthetically pleasing to his eyes, whether they be men or women, friends, acquaintances, the mafioso even, and of course, the occasional hooker. Ironically though, Elias has a bad case of OCD and likes keeping things neat and clean.

Another thing about Elias is that he’s rather lazy. Although initially a hard worker, the mafioso had spoiled him a bit too much making him reliant on them. If there’s dirty work to be done, he’d usually just delegate tasks while he busies himself with other things such as parties and flirting. That being said, it doesn't mean that he doesn't value his work.

[more of Elias’ personality can and will be unlocked via RP ;D]

★ [H I S T O R Y]

Full version of the History can be found here! //cough2017wordsreadatownriskcough//

shorter version: his dad doesn't like him because he thinks Elias is a weakling. He doesn't like his dad since he knows he's an asshole. He grew up in Chelsea with his mum and he loves her to bits. His dad dies when he hits 13 and he's forced to run the mafia but the mafioso aren't sure about this boy since his dad basically just discredited him. He had no choice but to go through everything though but he was squeamish and iffy about it, hating every minute. Eventually he had to have a card choose him and he got the fool which was his dad's card too. One night, when he was 15, members from an opposing mafia got into their villa in the hopes of finishing what they started and by that I mean killing the members of Elias' family. [They killed his dad, btw---] They attacked his mum first, Elias found them, and got mad basically. He killed all 5 attackers and now has a bad case of blood lust. He studied and worked hard so that he could prove everyone whoever doubted him wrong at the same time vowing to get his revenge on the opposing mafia. Present day, he's a cocky asshole who is confident with his skills and yet prefers to live a laid back life filled with parties and socialising, only using his powers when someone he holds dear is in danger. That being said, he still remains the brains and the pillar of Il Futuro's success, as he reaches his goal one bloody step at a time.

★ [Q U O T E]
“Oh mio amore, dire ciao al sole, e addio alla luna”
[oh my love, say hello to the sun and goodbye to the moon]

★ [R E L A T I O N S H I P S]
[★] Jace Linden
His best friend for more than a decade. He met Jace a year after he had moved to the UK, his family being acquainted with the Lindens. Jace was older than him, and seemed to be a strong character. Elias initially looked up to him, wanting to grow up and become strong as well so that he'd soon be accepted by his father. However, as the years passed Elias found that that was not who he wanted to be and instead became his own person. He and Jace tend to make trouble together, and when there's mischief happening it can be rest assured that these two had something to do with it. Jace is one of 2 people on Elias' list of people he truly cares about, the first and most important being his mother.

[★] Celeste Beaumont
His adviser and someone he relies on in things related to the the mafia. He met Celeste by chance and found her appealing and interesting. He admires her strong character although would never admit it. She's technically the babysitter among them. [Him, Jace and herself] and she tends to nag and scold them when they're up to their usual shenanigans. However, more often than not, her scolding and nagging fall on deaf ears as they're pretty much rebellious jerks that way.

★ [M I S C E L L A N E O U S]
[★] Voice Claim: Alex Pettyfer
[★] Drives a Lamborghini Veneno [he also has a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento]
[★] it’s his favourite car so don’t diss it.
[★] very, very, very, very, very competitive
[★] plays the classical piano and violin and loves it quite dearly
[★] he can also play the saxophone and he's very much in love with Standard and Jazz music.
[★] will be caught playing music at the most random of times
[★] prefers instrumentals over those with lyrics and will most likely be found playing songs with lyrics on the piano or violin.
[★] that doesn't necessarily mean that he doesn't listen to music with lyrics though.
[★] if someone manages to get him to instantly love music with lyrics then kudos and gold star for you
[★] He has a tattoo on his hip bone of the symbol of the mafia
[★] there's a meaning to his earring.
[★] don't piss him off
[★] for some odd reason kids really really like him
[★] don't talk to him about getting his own though. Triggering subject
[★] despite being an heir and a rich boy, he actually knows how to cook and enjoys it.
[★] has 3 white Pomeranians, 2 of them being given to him by his mamma. They're named Flufflepuff, Rosey, and Beowulf the Destroyer. [it's p obvious which one he bought on his own---]
[★] he treats his pets like his kids, openly calling himself their papa.
[★] He and Jace have an ongoing prank where they take turns being the boss wherein basically, no one other than Ellis really knows who the actual boss is. Especially the new recruits. Then they take turns giving contradictory instructions and comparing notes to see who listens to who more. 
[★] He visits mamma Murano every week. Not a week goes by wherein he doesn't have dinner with her and sleep in her house.
[★] his mum is a big fan of Les Miserables, and that's how he got his name Marius.



OKAY THAT'S DONE! Wow sorry if that's such a long read--- CONGRATULATIONS IF YOU REACHED THE END THOUGH! Also, thank you for your patience! ; v ;

I hope that, if you're not in the group or haven't devWatched us, that you check it out!

Elias + Art + :iconil-futuro: (c) me || Mattyzilla
Application sheets (c) koto-chii
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Oh my god his ability is amazing and he is so going to enjoy copying Victoria's ability I can see it already

(her ability is to attract anyone physically whatever sexual orientation she has more details in her app but yea ultimate seduction weapon //shot)

really awesome omgggg ;w;
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